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Chapter 1: What is a “community digital inclusion program”?

Chapter 2: Choosing your focus—How community digital inclusion programs approach the five elements

Chapter 3: Getting started: Three important questions

Chapter 4: Digital Literacy Training

Chapter 5: Affordable internet access

Chapter 6: Affordable devices

Chapter 7: Tech Support

Chapter 8: Building long-term support for your digital inclusion program



Thank you the NDIA Digital Inclusion Start-Up Manual Working Group for their guidance:

  • Ed Blayney, Louisville Metro
  • Jacob Brace, Google Fiber
  • Juanita Budd, Austin FreeNet
  • Clement Buchanan, King County
  • Bruce Clark, Digital Charlotte
  • Shauna Edson, Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, Google Fiber
  • Sammy Lowdermilk, Tech Goes Home Chattanooga
  • Leana Mayzlina, NTEN
  • Barry Glicklich, Partners Bridging the Digital Divide
  • Cristina Graham, Mobile Beacon
  • Munirih Jester, San Antonio Housing Authority
  • Ricky Santiago, Louisville Metro
  • Dan Noyes, Tech Goes Home
  • Vicky Yuki, City of Seattle
  • Heidi Ziemer, Western New York Library Resources Council